THE JULIE RUIN features Sara Landeau on guitars, Kathleen Hanna on vocals, Kathi Wilcox on bass, Carmine Covelli on drums, and Kenny Mellman on keyboards. 

All songs written by The Julie Ruin. We are on Hardly Arts Records.

Live performances headlining tours or as part of world festivals include the US, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Australia, Tasmania, and more. 

Television performances include Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The Seth Meyers Show, and  Carson Daly Show. 

Reviews and interviews include New York Times, NPR, Rolling Stone, Spin, New York Magazine, Paper Magazine, Billboard, Los Angeles Times, Timeout, Esquire, Big Takeover, NME, Pitchfork, Fader, Consequence of Sound, Flaunt, Bust, and dozens of US, European, and world newspapers and online journals.  

College Music Journal (CMJ)  listed song “I Decide” #1 in 2017. Rolling Stone listed song ‘Run Fast” 2015 as #3 in their top ten albums of the year.



The Julie Ruin, "I Decide"

Album: Hit Reset 2017

featuring Kathleen Hanna (vox) Sara Landeau (guitars), Kenny Mellman (keys), Carmine Covelli (drums)

The Julie Ruin, "Oh Come On"

Album: Run Fast, 2013

The Julie Ruin, "Just My Kind"

Album: Run Fast, 2014

The Julie Ruin, "Ha Ha Ha"

Album: Run Fast 2013

The Julie Ruin,  "Run Fast"

Album: Run Fast 2013



All music written and performed by Sara Landeau. All live instrumentation performed by Sara.

Sara has been playing and perfoming electric guitar for two decades.  Pieces currently being developed include Electric Guitar Quartet, a piece for 4 women on electric guitars. 

Mixes using found sounds, instruments created in computer programs such as Max MSP, and live instruments include electric guitar, theremin, bass, and drums.  Other recorded instrumentation includes a can of hairspray and dog toys. 

Everything on this soundcloud page is performed, produced, or engineered by women.