Guitar Lessons

Private guitar lessons are available several days per week from my Greenpoint Brooklyn, NY location.  Since 2003, I have worked as a full-time guitar and bass instructor, band coach, and drum teacher. I have taught courses on music theory, popular to punk to shred to classical guitar styles, and general sight reading for guitar, bass, and drumkit. I've helped several women build pedal boards and trained young bands to record in DAWs. 

I find learning music theory fun, but won't force it on you (well, just a bit). I believe learning the fundamentals and ideas behind WHY songs work will help you to teach yourself and grow a foundation to build upon. Learning fom several angles in the beginning is essential - songs, patterns, a little theory, happy accidents - they all add up to  becoming a creative guitarist and musician.  If you have gaps in your knowledge, we can fill them.  I have a large library of educational resources and cross reference from several books and study materials. We will aim towards any style(s)  you are most interested in. Students of all ages are welcome. Specialization includes adults learning an instrument for the first time.  

  • Available to all ages.
  • Guitarsts and Bassists: learn sight reading, fretboard theory, rhythms, strums, flat or fingerpicking, songs, music theory, scales, exercies, extended chord theory, harmony, inversions, lead styles etc
  • Drummers: learn rudiments, ergonomics, sight reading, rhythm styles, sticking, songs, healthy technique
  • Aim towards any musical styles you are most interested in
  • Set personal musical goals
  • Group and private lessons available
  • Book weekly, bi-weekly, or as often as works for your schedule
  • 30min, 45min, and 60minute lessons available
  • 24 hour notice cancellation policy