Music, Sound, and Art

From Brooklyn, New  York

Sara Landeau is a guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, educator, producer, composer, and artist living in NYC. She is a proponent of equality for women, and believes in the ideology of self-improvement through education.



The Julie Ruin features Sara Landeau on guitars, Kathleen Hanna on vocals, Kathi Wilcox on bass, Carmine Covelli on drums, and Kenny Mellman on keyboards. 

BAND:  THE JULIE RUIN. The Julie Ruin is signed to Hardly Art (Sub Pop). 

Live performances headlining tours or as part of world festivals include the US, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Australia, Tasmania, and more. Television performances include Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The Seth Meyers Show, and  Carson Daly Show. 

Reviews and interviews include New York Times, NPR, Rolling Stone, Spin, New York Magazine, Paper Magazine, Billboard, Los Angeles Times, Timeout, Esquire, Big Takeover, NME, Pitchfork, Fader, Consequence of Sound, Flaunt, Bust, and dozens of US, European, and world newspapers and online journals.  

College Music Journal (CMJ)  listed song “I Decide” #1 in 2017. Rolling Stone listed song ‘Run Fast” 2015 as #3 in their top ten albums of the year.

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Electronic Art & Illustrations


 The intrinsic aspect of these works are the

contradictions created between the “soft”

interfaces of the embroidered, painted, or haptic

instruments and the loud and immersive

soundscape that they produce. 

The study of contrasts is important not only as a tool to define the focus, but the various composites can suggest the idea of opposites in the subject matter.. Various realities form in the new musical environments, and point to highly constructed situations which will help to reflect certain beliefs within a society.


Embroidery and knitting are crafts

generally associated with female labor

and folk tradition. Through the use of

these techniques the artwork intends to

re-evaluate these crafts as a valid

contemporary form of expression, while

combining them with technological

features and the use of physical

computing, in order to create a tangible

“soft” interface that controls and

produces sound.

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Solo Music and more



Solo/Soundcloud music : Experimental sounds, clips, drones, trinkets, rhythms, guitars with pedals or prepared, and other sonic compositions.

Works examine the process, materials, and methods of the electric guitar. Colors, textures and harmonic impurities are explored. Short circuits and noise, crackling, feedback, and other electrical overflowings are embraced.  New pieces include Etude for Four Electronic Guitars.


The Kitchen, New York City with The Raincoats and Bikini Kill 2018

Bullet Space with Tina Havelock, (2018 Australian Blake Prize Winner)

Shapeshifter Lab, Electroacoustic Fest, Brooklyn NY

Tow Center for the Arts, Brooklyn NY

Muchmores, Brooklyn NY

Fierstein Studios, Brooklyn NY

Cb’s 313 Gallery, New York NY

Upcoming events

June-July 2019  https://www.facebook.com/events/335618797330675/


When Art, Music, Scoring and Instrumentation Collide

June 8 - June 29

David Colosi, Nikki D’Agostino, Marnie Jaffe, Sara Landau, Dylan Marcheschi, Jack Nantz, Lawry Romani

OPENING: Saturday June 8 at 7:00pm
VIEWING HOURS: Fridays 4:00 - 7:00pm
Saturdays + Sundays 2:00 - 5:00pm

ABC No Rio in Exile
519 Evergreen Avenue (bet. Cornelia + Putnam)
Brooklyn, NY 11221


As a music instructor in New York City for 15 years, and with around 10,000 hours of classroom time, I have helped hundreds of students to perform professional level work and understand the changing needs of the music industry.  I have a background in music theory, electric and acoustic guitar studies, drums, bass guitar, ear training, sight reading, as well as analog and digital signal flow, songwriting, and creating music for video or visuals.  My teaching consistently focuses on helping women and girls achieve their musical goals. The majority of my students are adults, many looking for a comfortable environment to learn an instrument for the first time.



Adjunct Professor, History of Music. Brooklyn College, Brooklyn NY, 2017-present 

Music History Course: “Music: Its Language, History, and Culture” 

Music Faculty, Brooklyn Music School, Brooklyn, New York, 2018 - present 

Member of the National Guild of Community Schools of the Arts.

Teaches Guitar, Drums, Piano, Voice

Sara Landeau Studio, Brooklyn, New York, 2003- present 

PencilWorks Building, Brooklyn NY 11222

Individual and Group Private Music Lessons 

Guitar, Bass, Drums, Songwriting, Music Theory 

Group workshops created for women include: Chicks With Picks, Iron Maidens, and Bitches Brew


Guitar Instructor, Chicks With Picks Workshops,  Lessonface, NYC location 2015-18 

Band Coach, Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls, 2005 - 2015 

Music Instructor, Gowanus Music Club, Brooklyn NY, 2011-2018 

Music Instructor, Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY, summer 2017 

Music Instructor, Learning Annex, NYC, 2003-2008 

Real Testimonials:

"You're the best drum teacher on earth! You made learning to read drum notation fun. And you gave me the confidence to flow from time to fills back to time. And to gig out after only playing a kit for less than 6 months! You gave me superpowers and I love you forever for all of that generosity and detailed lessons and HW. You have always inspired me so. My shero! Thank you forever! "


" I will never forget your flyer, that drew me to you, right away. I knew you were "my Teacher." Not verbatim, but I would love a copy if you still have one. Here goes . . . Are you tired of male guitar teachers showing you how to play an Eric Clapton riff . . . Women of all ages encouraged to call. Thank goodness I did. You helped me find, "my voice," the greatest gift anyone can be given. Thank you. Oh, and you are the best friggin' guitar teacher in the Universe!"
- Elaine

"Along with teaching me scales, music theory, guitar techniques, mastering pedals and new chords, Sara has also taught me confidence and strength. She offers inspiring advice about conquering song writing ruts, she's easy to talk to, patient, and hilariously funny. She customized lessons catering to what I was interested in learning and instilled good habits. Sara is a talented musician, courage giver, performance coach, style idol, trusted punk rock sage, and wonderful friend."-
- Marisha

About & Contact

Additional Information

Contact: info@saralandeau.com

Sara Landeau Studio is open year round and located in the Pencil Works Building, Greenpoint area of Brooklyn.  Location is 61 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn NY, 11222. Please email for hourly rates for guitar, bass, drum lessons, or seasonal workshops. 

CV upon request.


Sara is a guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, educator, producer, composer, and artist.

* Practices the intersection of musical genres and related topics, such as sound design, music production, interactivity, and diversity of practice.

* Teaches technical, composition, and creative courses at the introductory and advanced levels in music and new media


2019 Max Matthews Sound Art Award
Cycling 74 Max Expo Grant, 2019

BMI artist

Girls Rock Camp Alliance, USA: awarded 2015 Artists and Activists Award for 10 years 

Sponsors include Fender Guitars


She Shreds Magazine  -Magazine dedicated to female guitarists
Tom Tom Magazine  - Drummers/Music/Feminism
ADORAMA (ALC) LEARNING SERIES - Recording and Audio Gear/Guitars/Reviews


Guest on Merrill Garbus (Tuneyards), show with focus on female producers: Red Bull Music: featured guest on “C.L.A.W. – the Collaborative Legions of Artful Womxn 2017


M.F.A., Sonic Arts, Brooklyn College, NY 2019 

Concentration: Electroacoustic music and production 

Thesis: A Study in Contrasts: Prepared Instruments and Audiovisual Composition 

Thesis Advisor: Marina Rosenfeld

Additional studies with Morton Subotnick, Doug Geers, David Grubbs 

B.A., Art History, Columbia University, New York, NY, 2002 

Concentration: Modern Art  

(other) The Juilliard School 2003-2005 Courses: music theory, audio technology, guitar Pro Tools Audio/DAW Certified 2018


The Punk Singer feature film soundtrack, 2015
Advil, 2016 Super Bowl commercial placement
Advil 2017 commercial, France
High Maintenance (HBO) 2016
Tour Without End feature film soundtrack,2017

Mona Lisa Smiles feature film, starring Julia Roberts, role as guitarist
Catfight 2019